There’s no better way of measuring the quality of our care than a quick look at what our customers say.  Here, we’ve included real testimonials from some of the people we look after.  We’ve taken these quotes from their thank-you cards.

I transferred a client of yours this morning with the assistance of two of your carers Sue and Kirsty.

We see a lot of carers within different care environments and we are alarmed by the standard of care we see sometimes towards clients.

It’s very rare we see such high standards coming from carers such as we saw this morning.

I felt the need to address how professional and caring these two ladies were towards their client. They treated her with such dignity, respect and compassion at all times. They reassured the client and family members what they were doing and explained everything every step of the way.

These girls need credits for how they were and should be a valued by your company. It was a pleasure to work alongside these girls to ensure this client was transferred as calmly and pain free as possible.

Thank you for having excellent caring staff.

Sue Merry and John Sykes
“I am just writing on behalf of my father and myself to thank you and all the carers who looked after my mum for the last few weeks of her life when she was so poorly. Everyone was so kind, helpful and caring”
Christine & Stuart
“All of you have been so kind and your support and encouragement to me means a lot – so thank you. Thank you Julie for calling me back in London when I had no credit, and to Denise, Rachel, Gem and Jean for keeping my head above water, for listening, and for encouraging me to keep going. You are wonderful people, you do a fantastic job. Please know how much I appreciate you all.”
“Just wanted to say thank you for the loan of the chair for my Dad…it was lovely the way you were so generous and just solved the situation for me with no drama!”
“My family and I just want to say thank you for your kind generosity in loaning us the recliner chair for Mum in her time of need.”
Sinead, Mick & Kerry
“I just wanted to thank you so much for the kind and loving care you gave our mum, Joan, in her last days. You were always cheery and nothing was too much trouble. We were so lucky to have your help and support. A big, big thank you.”
Jane, Amanda & Andy
“The care you gave was totally professional, to the highest standard, but all given with so much compassion, gentle and loving, constantly going the extra mile to make Sylvia comfortable…In all respects you are the A Team.”
“Thank you for all the excellent care and support you all showed to Barbara and gave David and I throughout our journey together. You made Barbara’s last few weeks a dignified and loving experience. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you all.”
David & Julie
“Many thanks for your kind care and hard work. We couldn’t have managed without you!”
Paul, Claire & Philip
“Thank you so much for everything – his face honestly lit up when you came in (even when in a bad mood!)”
I didn’t know that Welcome I.L. was on FB, otherwise I would have commented sooner. After hearing of, and experiencing what can only be clased as ‘Cursory Care’ for my 90 year old mother, I did quite a lot of research into care companies as I live a couple of hundred miles away from her. There are literally hundreds of them with varying degrees of care provision. However, I eventually decided to try a local company thay I had never heard of called Welcome Independent Living, so I gave them a call. From the outset, they were polite, and gave the impression that they knew what they were doing and that their staff actually cared for the people that are entrusted to them for their well being. Being me, I requested a meeting at their offices on condition that they had a cup of tea waiting for me upon my arrival. It was! I explained my concerns and their MD Mark had exactly the right, unpromted and unscripted responses for every one of my queries. As Social Services, Uncle Tom Cobley and all are involved in the process, we sat and worked out the full care plan, after which I stated that, in normal business practice, they would be taken on on a trial period, which could be terminated by either party. Their response was that they had no problems with that, and the lovely Julie and I signed the contract. I don’t know if it’s ethical to advertise a care provider, and I don’t care! All I know is that if anyone in the Calder Valley needs a caring and totally committed provider to look after their relative(s), I wholeheartedly endorse Welcome Independent Living! (Apart from which Sam makes a cracking cuppa 🙂 )
Herb Carol
Recently my partner went to hospital for major surgery and should have been home within days, unfortunately there were complications and he suffered lower spinal cord and sciatic damage resulting in him being unable to walk & do basic tasks without mobility aids. I suddenly found myself facing unexpected hurdles, I knew I needed to obtain mobility aids for the home and quickly. I contacted Julie and Mark at Welcome Independent Living and called in to see them. I went in worried about the ease of getting the equipment and also as to how much would it cost; I left with total peace of mind. It was apparent from the beginning that they are not profit orientated, they are there to make sure people get the equipment they need, I left knowing that my partner could come home and everything would be in place to aid his day to day needs and assist with his care and recovery. I cannot thank the team down there enough, the information provided and the assurance that I can pop back at any time with any questions is invaluable. I wish more people knew about their services, I for one will be spreading the word 🙂
Helen Greenwood
I am the clinical manager of a nursing home in Todmorden. It is not often we have the opportunity to collaborate with a home care provider, however recently our home were managing a particularly challenging case and we needed support of a home care provider. Whilst outside of their normal remit, Welcome Independent Living were professional, courteous and flexible to the needs of this particular case. I was so impressed by their willingness to adapt to the needs of the person-at short notice and in very difficult circumstances. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a service provider and hope we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future. I was particularly impressed with the team’s communication both with the person and ourselves and their enthusiasm to help another service provider.

I just wanted to pass on my special thanks because without their help, I would have struggled to manage this particular stage and aspect of the person’s care. I would be very happy to share further particulars of this if needed.

Clinical Manager
I love your carers with all my heart.They do a fantastic job and deserve millions a week!
Pamela McNulty
Don’t think my house has ever been this sparkling. A huge THANK YOU to the Welcome Independent Living lady who has just done an amazing job. I think I love her.
Jo Woodhead
Amazingly kind and caring people. Helped me to get my daughter a wheelchair after the NHS would not provide one post-surgery. The staff weer very understanding and went out of their way to help me afford the right item for my daughter. A+ service and care.
Skye Darkwood
Lovely company to work for staff are really nice xx
Nikki Jayne Farrell
Thank you to all of your marvellous staff for always going the extra mile, noticing and acting upon any concerns and generally for providing a very high standard of care on a daily basis. We all (Megan Kelly, Lucy Kelly and Beth Kelly) really appreciate it.
Eileen Kelly
I’ve said it before and I’m sure I will say it again, but your staff are amazing and always go the extra mile. Ian Kelly, Megan Kelly, Lucy Kelly, Beth Kelly and me were able to enjoy a lovely 90th birthday party with Ian’s mum and the extended family this afternoon. Everything had been planned down to the last detail by Ricky Radcliffe and other members of your staff to make it a perfect day and one that Ian and his family will remember for a long time to come. Thank you so much! xxx
Eileen Kelly
Hi Mark

My mum sadly passed away on the 4th October. I just wanted to thank you personally for all the support and help you have show my mum and myself over the last two years. I’ve always know I could turn to you if I felt I needed that extra help navigating my way through mums care.

As a result of your support and the wonderful care mum has received she was able to fulfil her wish to die at home. Many times throughout the two years she has been with you I did not think that this goal was achievable but, much to my relief, I was wrong. The fact she did remain at home was the direct result of the amazing care she received from her team of carers, I include Sharon and Janet in this. I want to thank Bev and Jill in particular because they have looked after my mum with such tender loving care, continually going above and beyond what would be expected of them, this has included spending many extra hours with her in their own time. They have ensured that the last few months of her life were filled with love, warmth and dignity. They have treated my mum like she were their own and I am forever indebted to them.

Once again, thank you so much.


Feedback Posted/Emailed

I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your team! I have worked for Calderdale Council for a few years now and one of the best things about my job is the team work. All staff from Welcome Independent have been extremely professional, helpful, enthusiastic, passionate and they go above and beyond their role, placing the person that they care for at the very centre of the process. I feel inspired by the great work that all staff from Welcome Independent do and I want you to know how much I value your support! Thank you for all your efforts and dedication. Thank you.
Deborah Gerald
Social Worker Adults, Health & Social Care Calderdale Royal Salterhebble Halifax
I have found the staff at welcome independent living to be of excellent standard,always on time at the time agreed. Always had my grandmas best interest at heart,very friendly well mannered and polite.They always went above and beyond the role of care assistants.Thank you very much for your kindness in my hour of need. I really appreciated it.
Cherylea Calamat
Thank you very much for your kindness in my hour of need. I really appreciated it.
Julie from Luddenden Foot
Thank you so much once again for all your help for looking after my Gran and helping me.
… Very impressed!
Nice to see someone taking a bit of responsibility for their employees – unheard of in many other companies in the biz.
On Jane’s behalf I would like to thank you for your time as well as your kind offer. We will probably see you again in your shop and would recommend you to anyone.
I know it’s early days but, as you know, a lot has happened (not least Ian’s bed collapsing this morning!) so I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for the excellent care that you are providing for Ian.

I’ve obviously had a lot of contact with Julie and have met Elaine a couple of times and I can’t speak highly enough of the care that they are providing. Ian also feels completely relaxed with them and is delighted that he is finally being looked after properly, for the first time in months. I really don’t know how he was allowed to get into such a state in Preston, it’s as if he was completely off the radar. Also, Ian said that Debbie called in this morning which, again, was a really nice touch so please thank her. Ian really appreciated it. A big thank you again to all at Welcome Independent Living!

Dear Julie & Mark, we are writing in appreciation of your new venture in Albert Street. It is so wonderful to know you will arrive at the appointed time and give such considered care and support together with your tidiness and efficiency. Once again, all our thanks and best wishes for your future success.
Barbra Shepherd
Julie & the team, I just wanted to say a big thank you very much.
To the team at Welcome Independent Living – Thank you for coming on board.
A shining example of community spirit at work!
Sheila Niven
We all pulled together in this hard time we all should be proud, well done Deb and Mark!
Nikki Farrell
We are so fortunate to have Welcome Independent Living, such a fabulous company in our area. Fulfilling our ideals in a very real, practical way & ensuring people are safe & cared for in their own homes, even in the most challenging circumstances.
Fiona Gale
Amazing carers who go above and beyond their call of duty!
Megan Kelly
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