One of our clients had difficulties with the cleanliness of his house. We were asked to de-clutter his house and deep clean it. He needed more room around the property because his space was overcrowded and in some chaos! Once the house was cleaned out by our helpful handy men it enabled the client to be happy. The man himself lives on this own with no family. Our carer looks supports the man three times a week for social pleasure for three hours at a time.

The furniture wasn’t clean and it was worn out so we had to throw it away. One of the men who cleaned the house kindly donated a sofa so the client was able to sit down in a relaxed atmosphere to welcome friends to come over. A dining table was donated by a member of our kind staff so the client was able to sit down properly and have a meal.  

Our staff also worked over and above their call of duty by contacting the Council to clear out rubbish at the front so it looks tidier and neater. Staff also contacted the Council to ensure a social worker was allocated to assist and lessen his suffering or isolation.

Carers at Welcome Independent Living can give long term support if struggling. Welcome Independent Living are determined to help to make sure that clients have ongoing support and continued help if needed. This shows that the carers have a great relationship with clients and willing to help out further if needed.

Written by Jake Lamb – Marketing and Social Media Assistant